A CURE For Lung Cancer Discovered

Scientists have discovered a potential cure for lung cancer….and it comes served in a cup of tea. Hello and welcome back to IO, I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about a major potential breakthrough in science and medicine. Before we delve into the video – I want to ask you guys to hit the thumbs up button if you like our daily videos. I love a cup of tea….the English blood runs thick through me! It seems that this promising cancer cure is derived from nanoparticles in tea leaves. In a joint venture between a team of Indian Scientists and Swansea University, the researchers happened across something they call quantum dots which destroyed 80 percent of cancer cells they were applied to. Quantum dots are very small Nanoparticles, a 400th the width of a human hair! Previously nanodots could be chemically manufactures, however the Indian research team has found a way to produce them using non toxic, totally natural tea leaf extract.

Using tea is only a fraction of the cost, too. I don’t know about you but I always favor the natural approach. The process of using the tea leaves could also actually be pretty efficient and sustainable, too as the leaves used for the treatment come from the third of the tea crop usually deemed unsuitable for drinking. This part of the crop often ends up burned or in landfill, which is bad for the environment. Also…best to make use of all parts of something, right? Okay, so back to the science.

How do quantum dots attack cancer? Well they are small enough to penetrate the nanopores of cancer cell walls. They contain cancer fighting aterial like amino acids, vitamins, polyphenols and antioxidents that fight the cancer cell DNA information that the cells need to reproduce. Lung Cancer is a devastating killer and survival rates are lower than with other cancers. While the tests are promising, the researchers have a little way to go before the treatment can be applied to patients. Lead researcher on the project, Dr Sudhagar Pitchaimuthu said “First we have to scale-up the production from the tiny amounts we’ve created in the laboratory, to create a quantum dot factory. Until now we’ve only killed cells in a Petri dish by directly introducing the dots.” He continued by saying that the scientists hope to start live lab trials shortly, with human clinical trials following in around two years. He estimates it could be about a decade before there is a widely available treatment, which actually really isn’t that long. Apparently this whole discovery came about by accident, too, which is pretty crazy! So guys….a cure for lung cancer….what are your thoughts? If you could cure any sickness in the world, what would it be? Okay, before I go, I just want to read a few comments from a video I did yesterday about an alien asteroid orbiting Jupiter in the wrong direction.

You drunk asteroid? Kerpy wrote: Beautiful.. more aliens….our potato queen is probably being kept captive…hopefully she won’t give any confidential information about potatoes? Samiraxox wrote: I think Charlotte mistook the Alien asteroid for a gigantic potato otherwise why would she want to hug it? P.S. Charlotte and Rebecca are awesome! I hope one day all of the members of I.O can host a video together! It would be out of this world (; Get it?? Yeeey, I’d like that too.

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