Can a cough be a sign of lung cancer?

I have touched on this topic of cough. Firstly, chronic cough is a cough which is there for longer than six weeks. And if you’re getting that cough which is unexplained and not settling, I think you need to see a doctor. And your doctor needs to arrange at least a simple chest x-ray. Because people who are smokers especially middle-aged and above, there is a chance that the cough could be a depiction of something serious. But again, the cough could be because of infections in the chest. The cough is a very common symptom and I touched on earlier if the x-ray is normal, there are only three possible causes. One includes the gastro esophageal reflux disease, the second one is allergic condition in the nose (allergic rhinitis) and the third – the commonest cause – is bronchial asthma.

Now bronchial asthma affects a lot of people in the UK, especially children and adults. And children can grow out of it. But cough can be the only symptom. So, cough can be benign for benign causes, but could be for serious causes. And I think is very important if you are having a cough which is persisting to see your doctor and a chest x-ray is very mandatory. They might want a CT scan further after the chest x-ray. .